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Don't just sing about saving the world.

Many guitars and bass guitars are made from rare, imported and exotic wood, leaving behind a large footprint. My instruments are made from reclaimed and locally sourced wood  - often the same exotic species that have already been harvested, used and are heading for the landfill! I also use naturally felled and locally sourced wood as well as other fun objects pulled from the waste stream.


Once a musician...

I left my career as a performing musician to pursue making art, furniture and musical instruments from reclaimed and upcycled materials. I began making unusual instruments from unusual things and developed a line of more traditional, high quality, affordable instruments made from reclaimed materials.


What's your dream guitar?

Check out my store for what I have  available, but most of my builds are custom-made. What do you want to play? 

visit http://www.youtube.com/timsway or http://www.timsway.net to learn more about me, my philosophies and see how my instruments are made!

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